Sports Medicine Compounding

Sports Medicine Compounding

Sports Medicine Compounding | Compounding Pharmacy Long Beach

Sports activities are one of the leading causes of sprains, strains, and other physical injuries. Compounding pharmacy is making a significant contribution to the field of sports medicine by providing unique and targeted solutions to athletes and sports teams.

Whether it is a running back for a pro football team recovering from game aches with topical compounds, or a major league pitcher receiving faster and more effective treatment for inflammation to the throwing shoulder due to topical agents prepared by a compounding pharmacist in consultation with team healthcare experts, pharmacy compounding can help the pros get back in the game.

Sports medicine compounding also helps others, such as a workout enthusiast in need to soothe strains and aches, a weekend warrior seeking relief from pain during the work week, or a college team player recovery from a sports injury. American Integrative Pharmacy provides sports medicine compounding to patients in Long Beach , Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County and other Southern California areas as well as nationwide.


Individualized Treatment

Customization is the strong point in pharmacy compounding, which is most suited for the area of sports medicine where the needs of each athlete are unique. Advanced technology and innovations in compounding have enabled healthcare providers to work closely with pharmacists to create medications that are tailored to meet the specific needs of an athlete and provider faster and more effective outcomes.

In many cases, the standard mass produced medications may not deliver the best benefit to an athlete, while a compounding pharmacist may be able to offer a combination of multiple drugs in a single dose. They can provide customized combinations to treat nerve pain, create unique topical antifungal drugs, or formulate specialized preparations to heal calluses and blisters.

Compounded sun block lotions, creams and lip balms can help to protect athletes who have prolonged sun exposure. The pharmacist can engage closely with the healthcare provider and the athlete to prepare compounded medications in strengths and delivery systems that are just appropriate for that particular athlete’s bodily requirements.

AIP also provides online prescription refills and other options to patients in Long Beach , Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County and other Southern California areas as well as nationwide.


Variations in Strength

Just as a marathon runner, a power forward, a catcher, and/or a football player will need different training programs, their body types may need different amounts of medication to treat a condition. However, commercially available drugs often come in a limited variety of strengths. With compounding pharmacy, it is possible to calibrate the precise amount of medication to the need of a particular body type, leading to more effective outcomes.


Unique Delivery Systems

Compounding pharmacy provides the option to alter the delivery system of a drug. Pills and capsules taken orally have to go through the patient’s digestive tract before making their way into the bloodstream. In case of sports medications such as muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, this can have gastrointestinal effects.

In such situations, a pharmacist may prepare topical medications to allow the drug to bypass the GI tract and potential minimize the side effects. Custom topical creams, transdermal gels, and solutions can be prepared to address the specific needs of an athlete.

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