Why All Compounding Pharmacies Are Not Created Equal

Why All Compounding Pharmacies Are Not Created Equal

Pharmaceutical compounding is the creation of a particular pharmacological product to fit the unique need of a patient, using various tools.  Compounding medications allows for patient-specific dosing of the medication and therefore less risk of side effects.  It is great for children and infants since they might need a much lower dose of a medication for a different or easier to take dosage form, or a better-tasting one.  It’s great for patients with unique or unusual medication needs, it is necessary when a certain medication is discontinued or back-ordered by the manufacturer.   Compounding pharmacies also include Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy which has been shown to have better effects and less undesired side effects on the patient.

A compounding pharmacy has the tools to change the dosage form of a medication, based upon the patients’ needs and desires.  Most of the time, you can choose whether you’d like your medication to be prepared into a liquid, powder, capsule, cream or ointment, suppository, or sublingual troche.

Compounding medications is a complicated process and requires more extensive training and knowledge.  Every prescription is most often individually prepared.  Differences between the quality of ingredients and tools used, as well as the pharmacists and technicians that make them are vast.  

At American Integrative Pharmacy, we use the newest and most specialized equipment to make our compounds.  Our machines are never old or second-hand.  We also purchase our powders and all ingredients from certified sources of highest quality.  Our staff is very knowledgeable and eager to help our patients.  Every time our patients call, they speak to a live person right away.  They do not have to push any buttons or stay on hold while getting connected.  They also never have to go through a customer call-center first.

At American Integrative Pharmacy we pride ourselves on the extra time and effort we put in when creating our products. This is to ensure the best possible drug therapy outcomes for our patients. One unique technique we practice is to till our thyroid sustained release products (without the use of heat) for 40 minutes in a tumbler. This evens out the mixture and ensures it is truly sustained release. We also send out our samples for accuracy testing with a 2% differential as opposed to the standard 10%. As a closed-door, compounding-only pharmacy, we are able to center our attention on making excellent compounded products for patients in a timely manner.

Our pharmacy is licensed in almost every state. This is great if patients leave town and need their medications refilled.  We offer free overnight shipping to patients in California and Nevada and free regular shipping to our patients in other states.  

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