Compounded Progesterone For Fertility

American Integrative Pharmacy is a trusted provider of compounded progesterone suppositories that can help in the treatment of infertility. Our custom formulated oral and sublingual medications and vaginal suppositories contain the vital female hormone progesterone, which is sourced from yams.

If you are struggling with infertility because of ovulation issues or due to defects of the luteal phase, AIP’s compounded progesterone solutions can help. The problem of spontaneous and recurrent miscarriages can also be addressed with our compounded progesterone medications and suppositories.

At American Integrative Pharmacy, we make use of the superior quality micronized hormone powder to enable maximum absorption. Our unique formulations, advanced compounding technology, and our focus on quality of ingredients has made AIP the provider of choice for Ob-Gyns, fertility clinics, and natural treatment experts. Patients trust us for prioritizing their health at all times and for our commitment to helping them achieve their fertility goals.

How does AIP’s Compounded Progesterone Therapy Promote Fertility?

Corpus luteum insufficiency is a medical condition that may cause miscarriage, preterm delivery and contribute to infertility in many women. Progesterone oral medications and suppositories compounded by our skilled and knowledgeable pharmacists can work best to counter these problems and create naturally viable conditions for a healthy pregnancy.

Progesterone is a naturally occurring female hormone that will cause uterine stimulation and prepare the endometrium for a possible pregnancy following ovulation. In due process, the lining of the uterus will thicken to receive and sustain the fertilized egg. Contraction of the uterus is prevented with this hormone to avoid embryo rejection.

When the natural progesterone levels in female body diminish, it can increase infertility risks. With AIP’s compounded progesterone suppositories, the hormone will get gradually absorbed from the vagina to add or replace the normal levels of progesterone in your bloodstream.

Research Studies Establish the Efficacy of Progesterone Therapy for Fertility

A research study published in the prestigious “Fertility and Sterility” journal showed that progesterone therapy may boost the chances of completing a healthy and safe pregnancy. More than two-thirds of women in the study (who had two or more previous pregnancy losses) were able to successfully deliver babies following progesterone therapy.

Progesterone supplements have been recommended and used for more than half a century for women who are experiencing infertility issues. Now there is an increasing body of research that shows these women can benefit from this supplementation and successfully complete pregnancy.

AIP’s Pharmacists are Helping Women in their Fertility Goals

At American Integrative Pharmacy, progesterone compounding therapy (for fertility) is one of the most rewarding and satisfying areas of practice for our team. Our compassionate and dedicated pharmacists recognize that this therapy can be life-changing for a woman and sometimes even be lifesaver when a woman is suffering for low progesterone hormone levels in her first trimester, or suffering from luteal phase defect, or is facing a high risk of preterm delivery.

If you have a history of infertility or early miscarriage, your medical treatment provider may decide to prescribe progesterone supplementation in the latter part of your menstrual cycle following ovulation. This can increase the chances of implantation taking place and will also mitigate the risk of spontaneous miscarriage. More often than not, our compounding pharmacists can provide you solutions for reproductive health problems where commercial medications have failed to work.

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