Progesterone Cream Can Help Treat Menopause Symptoms

Progesterone Cream Can Help Treat Menopause Symptoms

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Scientific research has shown that progesterone cream can be beneficial in treating the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, depression, night sweats, lack of sleep, and fatigue. In addition, progesterone cream could also lead to improved heart health in some patients. 

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Custom Compounded Hormone Creams

Researchers looked at the benefits of custom compounded progesterone creams made from plant-based hormones, which are biochemically similar to the hormones produced in the body (bioidentical hormones). A custom compounded preparation may contain progesterone as well as other hormones in different proportions to match with the unique medical needs of a woman

Custom compounded bioidentical hormones have become widely accepted over the years, particularly after a major government-backed study called the Women’s Health Initiative found a linkage between several life threatening conditions and conventional HRT (hormone replacement therapy). 

A number of well-designed research studies have shown that custom compounded bioidentical hormone preparations, including progesterone cream, actually work. According to the researchers, these compounds can make a significant improvement in a woman’s quality of life. 

Many doctors now agree that individualized hormone preparations, including progesterone creams, are just what women need to alleviate their menopause symptoms. 

Effectiveness of Progesterone Cream

The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published a review of studies in 2007, which indicated that progesterone cream continues to be a treatment option for women undergoing menopause. While the researchers could not find quality evidence to support the efficacy of progesterone cream conclusively, they agreed that product failure did not occur. 

But recent studies have shown promising benefits of progesterone cream. The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a research study in 2018, which showed that progesterone cream applied for 12 days (twice a day) delivered the same hormone level in the bloodstream as a 200 mg dose of oral progesterone taken once a day. 

The effect of progesterone cream on serum hormone levels was found to be exceptionally robust. 

Dosage and Preparation of Progesterone Cream

Progesterone cream is usually available in different strengths ranging from 25 mg/mL to 250 mg/mL. Although recommendations may differ between physicians, in most cases, a daily application of 25 mg/mL of the progesterone cream would be sufficient to manage symptoms such as hot flashes. By the time the patient is using a dose of 75 mg/mL, it will deliver progesterone levels equivalent to about 200 mg of oral dose. 

If you experience the benefits in terms of reduction of hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, your doctor may recommend you to apply the cream once a day for six days, and skip every 7th day. The areas where you may apply the cream include the vaginal/labial area, lower abdomen, forearms, inner thighs, and neck area. It is important to use the progesterone cream only in the recommended dosage.

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