As Seen on PCCA: Why Oxytocin ‘the Love Hormone’ Medication is Helpful

As Seen on PCCA: Why Oxytocin ‘the Love Hormone’ Medication is Helpful

Why Oxytocin Is a Helpful Hormone

By Devaki Lindsey Berkson for PCCA

Oxytocin has classically been regarded as a pregnancy and lactation hormone. It’s also infamous as the “cuddle chemical” since it is released during orgasm and tends to bind couples together emotionally—alas, more in ladies than gents.

But oxytocin, it turns out, is much more.

At the 2018 International Seminar, I taught a lucky audience of compounding pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and marketers, and physicians how this “neuropeptide of attachment” could be used clinically for a variety of conditions. They learned a wide array of oxytocin basics and clinical applications along with delivery modes and dos and don’ts. Here is a brief glimpse at some of the information I shared.

Basic Physiology
Many hormones send signals to receptors. Receptors are proteins in the shape of satellite dishes designed to receive hormone signals and deliver them to genes to turn “on” or “off” actions related to these hormonal messages.

Wherever the human body has receptors, hormones act. Tissues containing receptors are greatly influenced by the hormones that signal these receptors. These tissues are called target tissues.

Oxytocin has target tissues all over the human body, not just in the uterus and breast. Looking at where oxytocin receptors live within the human body—where target tissues lie in wait for signals—starts to give us an understanding of oxytocin’s widespread potential use clinically.

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  • Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone” is a powerful hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It is in control of our bonding feelings after making love or to induce labor for women.
  • Studies have shown that compounded oxytocin nasal spray or sublingual troches have calming effects on the body and is our #1 seller for lowering anxiety and treating PTSD.
  • The nasal spray works quickly and is easy to administer. Our lozenges dissolve under the tongue and provide relief for hours.
  • Our product and formula are tested for purity and accuracy by a third party company.
  • All ingredients used to make our oxytocin products are from US certified vendors developed in the USA.
  • After placing their order, patients would receive their oxytocin the next day using our convenient free overnight shipping.

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