Popular Compounding Medications: Aloe Vera

Popular Compounding Medications: Aloe Vera

Popular Compounding Medications: Aloe VeraAloe vera is a cactus-like plant that is native to dry, hot, and at times, arid climatic regions. This plant has a history of use as a medicinal agent for more than 6,000 years, dating back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. It grows all over in Arizona

The plant contains two components that form the main ingredient for several products: latex and gel. There are a wide range of medicinal uses for latex and aloe vera gel. It is amazing for the skin.

American Integrative Pharmacy (AIP), led by the judicious and committed Dr. Neema Yazdanpanah, provides compounding medications to patients in Long Beach , Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and nationwide.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera based medications can be used in the treatment of:

  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • Hepatitis
  • Inflammation
  • Radiation-related skin sores
  • Seizures
  • Vision problems
  • Glaucoma
  • Asthma
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • High cholesterol
  • Constipation

There are several uses of aloe vera gel and latex in a wide range of products. It is advisable to follow the directions specific to each product. Discuss with your compounding pharmacist or physician prior to taking aloe gel or latex.

Possible Side Effects

Applying aloe gel to the skin as a medicine, cosmetic, or topical agent produces minimal side effects. Aloe latex may cause side effects such as stomach pain and discomfort or cramps. Using large quantities of aloe latex for a long duration may lead to diarrhea, kidney issues, weight loss, low potassium, disturbances with the heart, and blood in the urine.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Aloe vera has various anti-inflammatory compounds such as C-glucosyl, salicylic acid, and an enzyme known as bradykinesia. Aloe also decreases the production of acid within the body which prevents inflammation. As per a 2004 research published in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, intake of aloe vera can be useful in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.

The same publication presented another study in 2004 highlighting the use of aloe in the treatment of mild to moderate instances of ulcerative colitis. The study indicates that aloe supplementation cured or improved symptoms in 47 percent of the patients. Relatively, only 14 percent of the placebo group patients experienced improvements.

Used for Diabetes Prevention and Treatment

According to a 2006 research study published in the Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, scientists examined the anti-hyperglycemic impact of five diverse compounds known as phytosterols present in aloe vera gel on mice affected with Type 2 diabetes. There was a reduction in the glucose levels in the mice after the intake of phytosterols for a month.

The researchers summarized that aloe gel affects the blood glucose level in the long run. This could be helpful in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. A 2009 Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal study report agrees with this conclusion. Type 2 diabetes patients were given aloe vera supplements every day. The patients’ triglycerides reduced significantly after a period of four weeks. Six weeks later, the patient’ glucose levels had lowered as well.

The reliable American Integrative Pharmacy receives patients from Long Beach , Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and nationwide for compounded medications.

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