What is Male Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What is Male Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy | Compounding Pharmacy |Orange CountyWhile hormone replacement therapies are commonly associated with women, men may also need these treatments sometimes. Male hormones undergo changes with age, just the same as female hormones. Treatments are available in compounding pharmacy for problems related to changes in male hormone levels.

The American Integrative Pharmacy (AIP) is a leading pharmacy providing cutting edge solutions for male hormone replacement. AIP provides treatments to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, and other Southern California areas.


BHRT for Men

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for men can address the effects of andropause in men. Reduced hormone production occurs as a man ages, and it can contribute to symptoms such as abdominal weight gain, fatigue, muscle tone loss, and moodiness. BHRT for men is a precise, customized approach in compounding pharmacy to treat these symptoms effectively.

The advantage with compounded medications is that the chemical compounds and dosages can be adjusted to create optimal outcomes for a specific patient. Pharmacists at AIP will closely work with the patient and the physician to create a custom formulated male hormone replacement program. AIP also provide online prescription refills nationally for a variety of compounded medications.

Patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, and other Southern California locations have an opportunity to visit AIP for personalized compounding solutions for male BHRT.


Benefits of BHRT for Men

The depletion of male hormones, which naturally occurs with aging, can cause sexual dysfunction and a host of other health issues that can result in a reduced quality of life for men, apart from increased healthcare costs. BHRT for men can provide the following specific benefits:

  • Improve energy levels and vigor
  • Mitigate the effects of depression and moodiness
  • Support sexual drive while alleviating erectile dysfunction
  • Contribute to improved memory
  • Regulate urinary function
  • Curb excess weight gain
  • Regulate sleep patterns and reduce insomnia
  • Prevent the development of male breasts
  • Delay muscle tissue degradation
  • Improve hair retention
  • Minimize hot flashes and night sweats


Why choose Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

While a range of generic hormones are available on the market today, they are not uniquely formulated to match with the specific health needs of a patient in terms of molecular composition and dosage. In case of bioidentical hormone therapy, the patient’s individual hormone levels and composition will be analyzed, enabling the pharmacist to create a customized compound more closely aligned with the hormones naturally produced by the patient’s body.

This compatibility of replaced hormones ensures a natural transition and physiological acceptance of the therapy. Apart from achieving a close chemical match with the patient’s unique hormonal requirements, the dosage of bioidentical hormones can also be tailored precisely to produce optimal benefit for every patient. This minimizes the problem of administering too little or too much of any compound.

A customized approach to male hormone replacement therapy becomes vital when smoothing the transitions of aging and restoring vibrant and youthful energy levels of a male patient.

For more information on compound medications available or to make an online prescription purchase, please click here or call Toll Free 1-855-247-7948.

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