American Integrative Pharmacy Boosts Production to Fight Drug Shortages in The Coronavirus Pandemic

American Integrative Pharmacy Boosts Production to Fight Drug Shortages in The Coronavirus Pandemic

Compound Pharmacy Increases Production for Drug Shortages | California 

American Integrative Pharmacy Boosts Production to Fight Drug Shortages in The Coronavirus PandemicThe COVID-19 pandemic has increased the risk of shortage of various types of essential medications in the country. Active ingredients for many of the vital drugs are traditionally imported from China, where the manufacturing capacities have been disrupted following the coronavirus outbreak.  

Numerous manufacturing issues, quality control problems, and delay in receiving the key raw materials are leading to a growing risk of drugs shortages in this critical time in the US.  

AIP is Compounding Several Essential Medications to Fight the Crisis 

Looking at the current vulnerabilities of the US drug supply chain in the midst of coronavirus pandemic, American Integrative Pharmacy is expanding its production of several types of essential drugs to counter any risk of shortages in this time of need. We have ramped up our capacities to compound emergency medications, anti-viral drugs, and various other pharmaceuticals to meet the new nationwide demand. 

In addition, we are in a position to formulate custom drugs that are not otherwise easily available in the market. By diversifying and increasing our compounding drug capacities, AIP aims to be a key contributor in filling the critical gap between demand and supply of drugs in the current scenario. 

Modifying Medications to Meet Unique Needs of Patients 

At American Integrative Pharmacy, we have the compounding skills to modify medications to meet the unique needs of patients. For instance, we can take a drug that is only supplied as a pill, and convert it into a palatable liquid so that the patient can swallow it more easily.  

Patients often require medications in specific dosages, which are not commercially available. Here again, AIP has the ability to customize dosages to fulfill the patients’ needs in the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic. 

If the patient has an allergy to a particular ingredient in a commercial medication, we can compound it in a way to make it hypoallergic so that the patient can safely use the essential medication. 

The FDA rules usually require a compounding pharmacy to have a prescription for a particular patient in order to create a new compound. However, this FDA requirement has been temporarily relaxed now in the prevailing coronavirus pandemic situation for specific products such as hand sanitizers.  

This has enabled us at AIP to compound hand sanitizers in sufficient quantities in order to meet the needs of the community to the maximum possible extent at present.  

Filling the Gaps in Production 

Sometimes the patient may not be able to use a commercially available drug because of the presence of preservatives and designer dyes that cause them an allergy. At AIP, we can create compounded medications that avoid these dyes and preservatives for the specific needs of the patient.  

We can formulate difficult to find medications such as customized chemotherapy drugs or bioidentical hormones to meet the needs of patients. Pain management drugs are another critical area where AIP is able to support the patients in the prevailing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Talk to your doctor about compounding prescriptions, or call us now so that we can help you meet your specific health needs in the best and safest possible way.  


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