Danazol Vaginal Suppositories – Refill Medications

Danazol Vaginal Suppositories – Refill Medications

Danazol Vaginal Suppositories

American Integrative Pharmacy provides Danazol Vaginal Suppositories, which is a potential treatment option for endometriosis.

Danazol is in use since the 1970s for treating women with endometriosis. It was a very common drug in the 1980s. However, its use gradually significantly declined once GnRH agonists were introduced in the late 80s and early 90s.

Danazol is a form of synthetic androgen (hormones produced by the testes in males). Androgens are responsible for the functioning of the reproductive system in men. It is also responsible for the development of masculine features, such as deep voice and facial hair. A very tiny quantity of androgens is produced by the ovaries.

Danazol is effective in treating endometriosis and has the same efficacy as other hormonal therapies. Unfortunately, the medication has several male-like or androgenic side effects. This includes increased body hair, weight gain and acne. Cholesterol or blood lipid levels are adversely affected by its unpleasant side effects. This is one of the reasons why Danazol is not a popular choice for treating endometriosis.

American Integrative Pharmacy (AIP), led by Dr. Neema Yazdanpanah, provides reliable and proven compounding medications to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and online nationwide.

How Does Danazol Work?

Danazol doesn’t cure endometriosis permanently like other hormonal treatments. Instead, it suppresses the development and growth of the condition temporarily. There are several effects of Danazol on the human body. Low levels of estrogen and high levels of androgen can be produced in the body through these effects. Such hormonal environments within the female body can stop menstruation and suppress the development of endometrial implants resulting in their complete degeneration.

Most women tend to stop menstruating and ovulating by the second month of their treatment. However, the timeline really depends on the dosage given. However, in most cases endometriosis symptoms begin to decline after about 8 weeks. Patients resume menstruating within 4 to 6 weeks after stopping the treatment.

Avoid Pregnancy

It is highly unlikely for a woman to conceive when on Danazol. However, care should be taken to prevent pregnancy wherever possible. You should consider using a contraceptive barrier throughout the treatment.

Effective in Reducing Pain

Danazol has been proven effective in relieving endometriosis pain to a significant extent. However, it doesn’t remove the pain symptoms completely. Symptoms may come back following the hormonal treatment. Recurrence may happen even years after the treatment is stopped. One study found that 60% women experienced a recurrence of their symptoms 5 years into the treatment.

Using Before Surgery

There is no evidence that justifies the use of hormonal treatment in surgery preparation.

Using After Surgery

Hormonal treatment following surgery can help in suppressing the development and growth of endometrial implants following a surgery.

Repeat Dosage

Danazol can be provided to women with recurrent endometriosis if the drug was tolerated well previously.

Efficacy in Infertility

Danazol will not improve your chances of conceiving like any other hormonal treatment for endometriosis. It should not be confused as a fertility treatment.

AIP provides advanced compounding pharmacy solutions, including online prescription refills to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and online nationwide.

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