The FDA-Approved Drug Ivermectin Could Help be Effective in Fighting COVID 19

The FDA-Approved Drug Ivermectin Could Help be Effective in Fighting COVID 19


Ivermectin an FDA approved drug that can treat the potential effects of a wide variety diseases. It has been termed as a wonder drug for its unique and powerful anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-cancer properties. Ivermectin has proved to be highly effective in the fight against many types of micro-organisms, including harmful viruses.

Researchers have studied the anti-viral effects of this drug for more than 50 years. Studies have reported the successful anti-viral effects of ivermectin on a number of RNA viruses, such as dengue, Zika virus, Avian flu, yellow fever, HIV type 1, and SARS coronavirus. In the current Covid-19 pandemic, ivermectin could prove to be an effective drug in combating the infection.

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Multi-faceted Clinical Benefits of Ivermectin

For many years, medical science has made use of ivermectin to treat stubborn infection diseases in humans and other mammals. The advantage of invermectin is that it has a low rate of side effects and a strong safety profile when prescribed orally. In 2015, the scientists who discovered and produced ivermectin for human use were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Research has shown that ivermectin is a broad spectrum medication with fairly high lipid solubility, and can be effective in treatment a number of parasitic infections (apart from its known efficacy in treating viral infections). In addition to its anti-viral and anti-parasitic effects, ivermectin also produces immunomodulation in the patient.

Various research studies have revealed that this drug inhibits the multiplication of cancer cells as well as regulates cholesterol and glucose levels. While the effects of ivermectin are diverse, some of its underlying mechanisms have not been fully understood by researchers.

Role of Ivermectin in Combating Covid-19

A recent in-vitro research study has revealed that ivermectin may have strong anti-viral properties to kill Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2 virus. During the study, cells infected with Covid-19 virus exposed to a specific dosage of ivermectin. Within 48 hours, the researchers found a 5,000-fold reduction in the viral RNA when compared with the control group.

The study results showed that ivermectin treatment can successfully kill almost all of the viral particles within 48 hours. This is the first study to evaluate the effectiveness of ivermectin against Covid-19. The authors of the study have recommended that research studies on humans should be conducted to confirm the potential benefits ivermectin can provide in the fight against the Covid-19 or Wuhan virus pandemic.

Clinical Trials and Human Studies Required

As the researchers have found significant effectiveness of ivermectin in experimental studies for the treatment of infection in early stages, there is a good possibility that this drug may be beneficial in early stage treatment or prevention. But this can only be confirmed after clinical trials and human studies.

On 10th April, 2020, the FDA had released a statement which referred to the in-vitro study indicating the efficacy of ivermectin in Covid-19 treatment or prevention. The FDA highlighted that this type of study is used during early stages of the development of a drug.

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