Stan’s Rodeo Ointment Used By Top Athletes And Sports Teams For Blister Treatment

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Stan’s Rodeo Ointment Used By Top Athletes And Sports Teams For Blister Treatment

Stan’s Rodeo Ointment 

stans-rodeo-ointment-77528048Athletes and sports persons are often more vulnerable to blisters than an average individual. Safe and effective topical treatments are now available in compounding pharmacy to successfully address blisters. Stan’s Rodeo ointment is one such blister treatment that is now used by leading athletes and sports teams.

American Integrative Pharmacy (AIP), led by the amazing and committed Dr. Neema Yazdanpanah, provides Stan’s Rodeo ointment and other treatments for blisters to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and nationwide.

How to Use Rodeo Ointment?

Stan’s rodeo ointment is a proven medication in integrative pharmacy that contains unique ingredients in its base, such as Bacitracin, Hydrocortisone, and Polymyxin-B. The patient can apply the ointment in the blistered site four times a day, and cover with a bandage for up to three hours.

After this duration, the patient should remove the bandage for at least 30 minutes, and then proceed with re-application. The patient can continue the daily application of the ointment until the blistered area has healed well.

Invented by an Athlete

Blisters in the hands, fingers, and feet can compromise the sports career of a star athlete or any type of athlete. Stan’s Rodeo ointment was created by Dodger trainer Stan Johnston, which is helping many athletes effectively get rid of blisters in a simple way. Johnston worked for many years to develop a remedy to prevent and treat blisters. He finally came up with Rodeo ointment that includes 12 active ingredients, which is now widely chosen by pitchers and other athletes.

Now these athletes can get back onto the field or diamond or court and begin to compete better and quicker than even before.

Johnston tinkered with this blister cream formula for several years, and experimented with it on top athletes to test its efficacy. The remedy has now taken off among major league pitchers as well as gymnasts, hockey, and football players, and even construction workers.

Johnston has also applied for a patent and is looking to partner with a drug manufacturer for wider distribution of the ointment. He plans to go through the FDA trials to get the medication approved before placing it on the open market.

History behind Stan’s Rodeo Ointment

Johnston launched his professional rodeo career 50 years ago, but he had to continually fight off blisters from holding the ropes. He started working on a solution for himself so that he could have a way to heal quickly and be ready to ride again the next day. That’s how the Rodeo ointment came up.

Dr. Bill Roberts, a family physician specializing in sports medicine at the University of Minnesota who recently created a blister-treatment manual for the university’s trainers, says that blisters are a real challenge for doctors.

Dr. Roberts suggest that patients should stay out of harm’s way if they get blisters. The blister will take care of itself if the patient takes away whatever is causing the friction. However, for athletes who need to continually compete, they need a simple and fast solution such as Stan’s Rodeo ointment.

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