Stan’s Rodeo Blister Rub Helps Treat Blisters Immediately

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Stan’s Rodeo Blister Rub Helps Treat Blisters Immediately

Stan’s Blister Rub 

bandage-1235337_960_720Something as simple as blisters continues to confound sports medicine experts even today, even though they have advanced solutions to expedite the healing of many severe injuries. Blisters occur when skin continuously rubs against another surface. The upper layers of the skin slowly tear away from the layer below, and eventually fluid can fill in between the torn layers, causing a blister.

Stan’s Blister Rub is a safe, salient, and effective medication in compounding pharmacy which can help treat blisters very quickly.

American Integrative Pharmacy (AIP), led by Dr. Neema Yazdanpanah, provides Stan’s Blister Rub and other compounded treatments to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and nationwide.

Popular among Pitchers

Pitchers typically suffer from blisters because they are required to grip the seams of a baseball firmly and throw it nearly a hundred times per game, usually every week. While blisters on the feet can be covered with an ointment, and taped or wrapped with layers of socks, enabling an athlete to continue performing, Pitchers do not have such options.

As a result, blisters are considered a dreaded problem for pitchers, and locker rooms are filled with hearsay stories of possible remedies and cures. Some pitchers try to resolve their blister problem by soaking the affected fingers in pickle brine between starts. Some others try to swirl their fingers in a bag of dry rice between games, in the hope that this home remedy will make the skin tougher.

Prevention of Blisters

While former rodeo professional Stan Johnston’s proven integrative pharmacy remedy Stan’s Rodeo Ointment works for both prevention and treatment of blisters, he offers Stan’s Blister Rub that is specifically designed for prevention. Athletes are already impressed with the rapid healing properties of Stan’s Rodeo Ointment, and now the word of mouth is quickly spreading among major league teams for Stan’s Blister Rub too.

As the players now frequently move from one team to another, the word about Stan’s Blister Rub is spreading fast because one player will introduce it to other team members. Johnston’s compounded remedy is sold by prescription only, and he continually receives a growing number of requests for it.

Stan’s Blister Rub does not contain any prescription drugs in its ingredients. As a result, it is available without the need of a regulatory approval. However, as the demand for this blister rub continues to increase, Johnston has partnered with a pharmacy to create the compounded medication in larger quantities.

Recommended by Experts

Sports medicine experts, coaches and trainers are increasingly recommending Stan’s Blister Rub and Rodeo Ointment to athletes who struggle with the risk of blisters. According to several sports medicine experts, the treatments probably contain benzene, which is a safe and legal ingredient.

Some experts also recommend the remedy to heal cuts and other kinds of wounds because some of the ingredients have such properties to promote wound healing. The marvelous and cutting edge AIP receives patients from Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and all the way from one cost to the other for both traditional and modern compounding treatments, including online prescription refills.


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