Providing Treatments for People Living With Wilsons Temperature Syndrome

Providing Treatments for People Living With Wilsons Temperature Syndrome

WTS Treatment

Sluggishness, poor concentration, assorted aches and pains—most of us experience these symptoms from time to time. If they persist or grow severe, we want a diagnosis quickly so we can find some relief. With thousands of accepted medical diagnoses, however, pinpointing the precise cause of our problems can be a challenge.

One umbrella diagnosis suggested for literally dozens of common ailments from fatigue, to depression, to headaches, is “Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.” This syndrome is not an acceptable medical diagnosis and should not be confused with Wilson’s disease—a medically recognized genetic condition caused by a defect of having too much copper in your body specifically in the major organs.

What is “Wilson’s temperature syndrome”?

Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome (WTS) consists of hypothyroid symptoms and low body temperature. WTS is consistent with inadequate thyroid stimulation of the cells even though the supply of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland or thyroid medicine is normal (TSH thyroid blood test is normal). It is typically brought on by stress and is often reversible.

E. Denis Wilson, M.D., described Wilson’s temperature syndrome in 1990 as the presence of multiple symptoms along with a low body temperature and slowing metabolism, caused by illness, injury, or stress. Metabolism is defined as the process of converting calories and other nutrients from the foods we eat into the energy needed for all life processes. The many possible symptoms attributed to Wilson’s syndrome are common and non-specific, meaning they can occur in many diseases or even be part of a normal, busy life. Dr. Wilson argues that the syndrome represents a form of thyroid hormone deficiency, even though low hormone levels are not reflected in blood tests. This syndrome is not an accepted medical diagnosis based on scientific evidence and the symptoms are unsupported by research.

Liothyronine (T3) Treatment

The T3 medicine that is currently on the market (Cytomel) is instant release. But Dr. Wilson and other doctors prefer using T3 that has been mixed with a sustained-release agent for Wilson’s T3 therapy. This appears to be best accomplished by skilled and experienced pharmacists with specialized equipment. This equipment is capable of evenly mixing a small vial (the size of your little finger) of pure T3 powder, into an amount of material that would fill about half of a bathtub. According to the design of this approach, the better mixed it is the more smoothly the T3 will be released a little at a time.

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