Earth Medicine CBD Tincture – Alive (Lemon) – 300mg

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Earth Medicine CBD Tincture – Alive (Lemon) – 300mg

Earth Medicine CBD Tincture – Alive (Lemon) – 300mg


Alive MicroCBD tastes like magic in a bottle, if magic was lemony & also made your life awesome. Put that pep back in your in your step with the CBD designed to dissolve in water.



MicroCBD™ + cannabinoids = the balance
Plant Glycerin + water = the absorption
Organic lemon oil = the lift

  • Superior Absorbtion*
  • Water-soluble USA-grown MicroCBD™
  • Broad spectrum (0% THC)
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Organic lemon essential oil
  • Measured dropper for easy dosing
  • 30ml bottle

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, MicroCBD™ (Proprietary hemp extract from US Hemp), Organic Lemon, Water

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