Popular Compounding Medications: Aminophylline

Popular Compounding Medications: Aminophylline

Popular Compounding Medications: AminophyllineAminophylline is a customized medication that provides relief to patients with wheezing, breathing issues, and lung problems usually created by chronic lung diseases such as emphysema, bronchitis, and asthma.

These are the most common uses of this medication, but the physician or pharmacist may also suggest this treatment for some other health conditions.

The medication falls into a category of drugs known as xanthines. Aminophylline, as a xanthine, helps in opening air passageways, enhance the ability to breathe correctly, and reduce lung issues relative to irritants. Aminophylline does not have an immediate impact. Therefore, it should not be used to control sudden breathing-related adverse conditions.

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How to Use Aminophylline Tablet?

The patient needs to take this medicine by mouth with or without food. Aminophylline is usually taken 2 to 4 times every day or as prescribed by the physician. The patient can take the medication with food if it makes their stomach feel uneasy.

The patient should not chew or crush extended-release tablets. This could potentially release the entire medication at one time, which heightens the risks of complications. Furthermore, do not break the tablet into two parts if it does not have a score line and the doctor or pharmacist prescribes doing so. You should swallow the entire or split pill without chewing or crushing it.

The dose is relative to the patient’s health condition, age, drug blood level, response to therapy, and other drugs are taken. Specific diets such as low carbohydrate, high carbohydrate, low protein, and high protein can alter the impact of aminophylline. Inform your physician of any significant changes in your diet. Your doctor may alter your aminophylline dose.

It is essential to use the medicine routinely to derive the most benefit. Take it at the same time each day to help you remember the daily dose.

Side Effects

Aminophylline may cause side effects such as irritability, stomach pain and cramping, vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, nervousness, flushing, tremors (shaking), and increased urination. Consult your physician or pharmacist immediately if these conditions persist or worsen.

It is important to remember that your physician has prescribed aminophylline as they have adjudged that the benefits outweigh the risk of complications. Several people using this medicine do not suffer from any side-effects.

Consult your doctor promptly if these unlikely but significant side effects happen: dizziness, mental or mood alterations, confusion, muscle tenderness, pain, twitching, rapid breathing, or weakness.

Consult your doctor if these rare but serious side effects happen: irregular, fast or slow heartbeat, fainting, vomit that appears like coffee grounds, tarry or dark stools, or seizures.


If you are allergic to aminophylline, inform your physician or pharmacist beforehand. Furthermore, tell your doctor or pharmacist about any other allergies or those due to theobromine, theophylline, ethylenediamine, or caffeine. Aminophylline may also contain inactive components that can lead to allergic reactions and other issues.

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