Pediatric Medication: Fluticasone

Pediatric Medication: Fluticasone


Fluticasone helps in preventing symptoms and attack of asthma. However, the medication cannot be used for relieving symptoms once an asthma attack has already started. It keeps the airways healthy when used on a regular basis.

Fluticasone is popular by the brand name Flovent. It is available as a dry powder (Diskus) that is inhaled or as an aerosol inhaler (puffer). You should take precautions with the medication if your child has had tuberculosis or TB in the past.

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Administering Fluticasone

You should follow these instructions when giving your child fluticasone:

  • Give the medication exactly as prescribed by the doctor or the pharmacist
  • Don’t stop even if the child seems better
  • Give the medication for as long as prescribed. There is a weaning period involved in the medicine. Your child may become ill if stopped abruptly.
  • Make sure you give your child fluticasone at the same time every time. It is best to pick a time that is most comfortable for you so that you don’t miss a dose.
  • Make sure the child breathes in the drug through their mouth. Your pharmacist will show you the right way if you are not sure how to give the drug to your child.
  • You may be provided with a spacer device called Aerochamber to be used along with the child’s inhaler. This device is used for making the puffer easy. It delivers more medicine directly to the lungs making it more effective and by reducing side effects.
  • You can ask the pharmacist or the nurse to show you how to administer fluticasone
  • Make sure the child uses the reliever medicine before taking fluticasone. Reliever medicine or bronchodilator effectively opens the airways to help fluticasone reach into the lungs.
  • You should wait at least five minutes after giving reliever medicine before you administer fluticasone. This time helps in ensuring that the airways are open and that the child gets the most from the medication.
  • You should make sure the child rinses their mouth after using the fluticasone inhaler. This can be done either with juice or water for reducing its side effects. You can give your child a drink of juice or water with every dose of fluticasone if they are too young to rinse.

Time Required by Fluticasone For Showing Effects

It can take several before your child starts showing improvement after taking fluticasone. You would be able to see that their asthma is getting better.

Side effects of Fluticasone

There are several possible side effects of fluticasone as with any other medication. These are a few common side effects of the medication:

  • Headache
  • Dry or sore throat/mouth
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • Nasal irritation or congestion

You should speak with a doctor if the symptoms of side effects become severe or if there is no marked improvement in your child’s asthma.

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