Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

I use American Integrative Pharmacy for my personal BHRT needs and for pre-treatment numbing and bleaching at my surgery practice. They have great response time, fast shipping, and great customer service. They’re highly reliable and I recommend them to everyone!

– Suzanne Quardt, MD

If you are looking for a high quality compound pharmacy then I say you have found them. American Integrative Pharmacy is an excellent compound pharmacy. They offer a variety of different medications along with Bio-identical hormones. They ship out of out of state with free priority mail and It is always a pleasure to speak with Maggie, although you are miles away she makes you feel as though you are right in front of her.” – Brenda K.

American Integrative Pharmacy : Maggie is so helpful, she always goes the extra mile! Trying T3 medication.” – Lynn G.

Exceptional customer service … have always gone above and beyond for me! Great quality products too.” – Christy S

American Integrative Pharmacy is AWESOME!!! The customer service is EXCEPTIONAL!!! Maggie is an example of the total package! Professional, caring and super efficient!! I am a healthcare provider and a patient so I have high standards and expectations from both perspectives. I am so impressed and grateful for the attention that I have received and continue to receive. Neema has also gone above and beyond for me on a occassion when there were some issues with my doctor’s office. No matter what, they both ALWAYS come through for me. Thank you so very much!!!– Norma M.

American Integrative Pharmacy offers excellent Compounded Medications. They have a super absorbable slow release T3 medication which is great for people dealing with Hashimoto’s or Hypothyroidism. They can easily compound Low Dose Naltrexone(LDN), which is an immune system modulator that is very useful for people with all kinds of auto-immune conditions. Maggie is always very helpful with clients like myself. They ship orders out of state very quickly and it is free priority mail shipping. If you are looking for high quality compounded thyroid medications, LDN, or bioidentical hormones, please give them a call.” – Rick F.

I always have a great experience with this specialty pharmacy, including interacting with the pharmacist and customer service reps. Shipments always come on time and without hassle. I highly recommend this pharmacy for any of your prescription needs.” – Stephanie B.

“Attention: American Integrative Staff & Board 

I want to express my gratitude to all of you that are part of your staff, for your consistent quality customer care and professional excellency, which I have been receiving for several years now. My monthly phone calls requesting prescription refills have always been met with efficient processing and prompt delivery every time. Last spring, I found myself on a road trip and discovered I needed refills for my prescriptions. Again, American Integrative Pharmacy delivered promptly and I was able to remain on my medication schedule.

I am especially grateful for your pharmacy providing me with monthly supplies for Serotonin SR. Furthermore, I was left most appreciative when I discovered the lengths to which your staff practice and maintain the highest of ethical standards and integrity, while testing for maximum quality from your distributors. You demand and only accept excellency from your vendors or reject their supplies rather than sacrifice the trust which your customers place upon you.

I highly recommend American Integrative Pharmacy to everyone and I give them 5 stars for their excellency of services. My personal experience with American Integrative Pharmacy has only created within me a deep respect for their quality care, which provides me the missing links to a healthy and functioning life.

Thank you again” – M.L. from California

“I have used this pharmacy for over six years now, and I live in Sacramento! The quality of their compounded prescriptions cannot be overstated, and my doctor in San Francisco has always highly recommended them. As for customer service, when I call in, they are always busy, but I get my order the very next morning, rain or shine. Last month, I forgot to order ahead and found out I had to travel to Colorado and would be running out of one of my meds while on that trip, and they shipped my Rx to my hotel overnight with no problem! Also, being able to consult with their pharmacist anytime I need to is awesome- I don’t have to leave my house or wait in line, and they keep my information on file so I do not have to waste my time. You can’t put a price on how much time and energy these guys will save you.” – LJ N.

“So thankful and appreciative for them. Long story short, my doctor’s office wasn’t answering their phone, and Neema and Maggie we’re trying all day to get a hold of my doctor for a refill on a prescription. They finally got a hold of my doctor a little before American Integrative pharmacy was closing. The pharmacy ran out of my medicine, however Neema was so kind to stay after hours to make my medicine so I can get it the next day. Very prompt and professional. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. You guys are amazing!” – Doreen C.

“We have been making purchases from American Integrative Pharmacy for over a year now. We have been extremely pleased with both their compounded prescriptions and their fantastic customer service. We travel a lot and Maggie has been wonderful at helping us receive our meds no matter where we find ourselves. Our doctor stands by her selection of this particular compounding pharmacy because of their attention to quality product. We couldn’t be more pleased !!” – Jeff B.

“Maggie from the pharmacy is prompt, polite and my wife’s prescriptions are sent out that day and at her office the next day. customer service is five stars!!!!! If there is an issue with the Rx they contact her doctor for her.” – Rick M.

“Maggie at AIP has always been very kind, helpful and courteous. She has gone the extra mile, It has been a pleasure to do business with them. Happy with the compounded meds.” – Mark G.

“Thanks for the prompt response upon my request – ordered Tuesday morning and received Thursday morning – in rural Florida!!!!! Y’all are the best! And free shipping, as always.” – Susan B.

“Excellent quality and service! They are accurate and there are no delays or issues with the orders! Awesome!” – C.B.

“Many thanks for your awesome service—you guys ROCK!”– Dennis B.


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