Orthomolecular Immunity Boost Supplement: NK Stim

Orthomolecular Immunity Boost Supplement: NK Stim

NK Stim Immunity Boost

Out of all the cells that comprise the immune system, NK cells are considered the most aggressive. These cells constitute almost 15 percent of the total circulating WBCs (lymphocytes) and are a part of the innate immune system of the human body.


NK cells are known as natural killer (NK) cells as they don’t need to recognize particular antibodies prior to releasing cytokines for the destruction of abnormal cells. This allows for a rapid immune response. Once these target cells have been identified, NK cells will trigger a powerful immune response as well as order other immune cells to act against the potential threat to the body.

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A Targeted Formula: NK-Stim

The targeted immune response of the body can be enhanced by boosting NK cell activity. This process also accelerates the normal process of elimination of harmful cells. NK-Stim is the targeted formula that American Integrative Pharmacy is now offering from Ortho Molecular Products. NK-Stim is specially designed to promote the immune response of the body by increasing natural killer cell activity.

NK-Stim synergistically combines larch arabinogalactan, acemannan (the immunity stimulating component of aloe vera), oleuropein (the active ingredient of olive leaf extract) and chelated zinc. The unique preparation of NK-Stim promotes immune function, supports healthy gut microflora, increases NK cell activity, and helps maintain the healthy balance of bacteria throughout the body.

NK-Stim is the right preparation for patients facing immune problems as well as GI tract related issues. Clinical applications of NK-Stim include:

  • Promotes immune response
  • Boosts the natural killer cellular activity in the body
  • Provides support for immunity-related challenges
  • Drives the generation of healthy gut microflora

Two capsules can be taken twice a day or as recommended by a doctor. Pregnant or nursing women should talk to their doctor before using this product.


To boost the body’s immune response, zinc can play a major role. Zinc impacts various aspects of the immune response, ranging from activation of genes within lymphocytes to maintaining the physical barrier integrity (mucosal and skin barriers). Zinc is also required for the healthy development of numerous immune cells, such as NK cells, neutrophils, B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes, and for the improvement of IgG antibody response.

Aloe Vera Concentrate

Aloe vera concentrate is a vital part of NK-Stim. Aloe vera belongs to the lily family, which has been orally and topically used for centuries as a home remedy. Acemannan is the active ingredient in aloe, which is a complex carbohydrate. Acemannan has been found to be the ingredient responsible for aloe vera’s immune boosting properties.

Acemannan used in NK-Stim can stimulate multiple components of the immune system, including surface molecule expression, macrophage cytokine activity, cell morphologic changes, and nitric oxide release. All of these help create a highly effective and sharp immune response.

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