Orthomolecular Immunity Boost Supplement: K Force Vitamin Supplement (vitamin K2 as MK-7)

Orthomolecular Immunity Boost Supplement: K Force Vitamin Supplement (vitamin K2 as MK-7)

K Force Vitamin Supplement

New research shows that adequate intake of vitamin K is vital to maintain cardiovascular and bone health. Vitamin K is constituted of a group of structurally similar and naturally occurring fat soluble vitamins. It is essential for the optimal utilization of calcium in the body, and helps in binding newly absorbed calcium with the bone matrix. Vitamin K also plays a key role in maintaining bone density by reducing the osteoclast activity (these are cells which disintegrate the bones).


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Vitamin K2 as MK-7

Vitamin K2 as MK-7 provides crucial cardiovascular protection through activation of MGP (matrix Gla protein), which is a powerful inhibitor of calcification in the circulation system. Together with vitamin D, which is also a vital nutrient for general wellness and bone health, the synergistic combination of these two maintains and supports cardiovascular and bone health.

Latest research shows that 180 μg/day (high concentration supplementation), the clinical results can be significantly better compared to a low dose supplement.

K-Force: The Immunity Boost Supplement from Ortho Molecular

American Integrative Pharmacy offers K-Force, the immunity boost supplement from Ortho Molecular. K-Force delivers 180 mcg of MenaQ7PRO, which is the most extensively researched form of vitamin K2 as MK-7 along with vitamin D3 (5,000 IU) for cardiovascular and bone health support.

Vitamin K acts in synergy with vitamin D to maintain and promote immune health. Ortho Molecular Products is an exclusive MenaQ7Pro provider. Suggested use of this supplement is 1 capsule a day, or as prescribed by a medical professional. Clinical applications of this immunity supplement include:

  • Supports bone health
  • Maintains arterial elasticity and cardiovascular health
  • Promotes healthy balance of calcium
  • Boosts the overall immune function

Benefits of Vitamin K2 as MK-7

Although vitamin D and calcium are key mediators in growth of bones, vitamin K performs an equally vital role. Bone growth synthesis depends on vitamin K, through its carboxylation of osteoblast protein secretion (osteocalcin). Osteocalcin guides the essential calcium into bones, which helps in the prevention of its absorption into the arteries, joints, and organs. Research reveals that vitamin K2 as MK-7 is the more bioavailable version of the nutrient 7 and impacts bone building more strongly than K1.

Immunity and Cellular Growth

GAS6 (Growth Arrest Specific 6) is a natural protein that needs vitamin K. This protein makes a direct impact on the cellular growth regulation. It promotes the cell communication and signaling as well as cell duplication and adhesion.

GAS6 also preserves health cells against programmed death. Its capability to bind cellular membranes allows it to support the removal of cells that must undergo apoptosis. Considering these critical benefits of GAS6, we can understand the importance and role of vitamin K in promoting immunity and cell growth.

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