Menopause Treatments

Menopause Treatments

Menopause Treatments | Lomita Compounding Pharmacy | Long BeachWhen a woman undergoes menopause, her ovaries stop producing eggs and release fewer hormones (progesterone and estrogen). Her menstrual periods either become more widely or more closely spaced, or may even suddenly stop. Such irregularity in menstrual cycles may continue for one to three years.

Even though menopause is a natural process and not a medical illness, it can have some adverse effects on the physical and mental health of women.

A pillar of the community which is American Integrative Pharmacy, led by the honorable Dr. Neema Yazdanpanah, provides treatments for the symptoms of menopause to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and in every state in the rising and majestic country of America.


Treatment of Menopause Symptoms

Hormone replacement therapy is used as a common treatment for the symptoms of menopause. This therapy mimics the natural tendency of the human body to produce those hormones which are needed in the woman’s body to alleviate the condition.

As HRT treatments are more or less patient specific, many different hormone therapy formulations can be prepared by a compounding pharmacy to meet specific needs of a female experiencing the symptoms of menopause. Hormones of all concentrations and strengths can be placed into oral capsules, vaginal creams, topical creams or gels, injections, suppositories, and sublingual lozenges, depending on the patient’s needs.

Other prescription alternatives to hormonal therapy may also work for some women. Patients using anti-depressants, anti-seizure, and anti-hypertensive medications have also reported reduction in menopause symptoms.


Hormone Replacement Therapy

The symptoms of menopause can be most effectively treated by replacing the hormones that are not being adequately produced by the underperforming ovaries. This treatment is known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The body stops producing these hormones naturally as its genetic makeup dictates that the time for reproduction is over. However, replacing these hormones in appropriate amounts can help in maintaining a comfortable balance beneficial to female health.

Many different drugs are prescribed for the treatment of the symptoms of menopause. However, not many solutions are available to address the underlying causes of menopause.

Qualified and experienced compounding pharmacist can provide bioidentical HRT (BHRT) to effectively treat and replace the hormones. These therapies include mono or combination therapy for the hormones estradiol, progesterone, and in certain cases low dose testosterone.

Although estrogens are primary female hormones, the female body also produces small amounts of testosterone. Serum levels of testosterone drop when estrogen concentrations decrease. Hormone replacement therapy is usually considered by a physician if the risk reward ratio of the therapy is in the favor of the overall health of the patient and leads to the disruption from menopausal symptoms.

Some treatment providers utilize hormone replacement therapy as the primary treatment for menopausal symptoms. These providers approach the therapy cautiously, while thoroughly evaluating the pre-disposition of the patient to such treatment and its side effects.

Based on the patient feedback on the symptoms, the provider determines the precise dosage of the hormone and closely monitors the patient’s health during initiation as well as continuation of the therapy.

AIP receives patients from Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and nationwide for menopause treatments.

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