Male Hormone Replacements Therapy Medications

Male Hormone Replacements Therapy Medications

Hormone Replacements Therapy for Men

It is common knowledge that women tend to experience hormonal changes. However, many people don’t know about hormonal fluctuations affecting men. After 40, more than 1% men begin feeling gradual changes in their hormone levels.

This can be in the form of an increase in estrogen levels and a decrease in testosterone. Some men may also find their overall hormone levels to drop suddenly. This requires HRT or hormone replacement therapy.

American Integrative Pharmacy (AIP), led by Dr. Neema Yazdanpanah, provides safe and proven compounding medications to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and online nationwide.

Low Testosterone (Hypogonadism) and Male HRT

Approximately, 30% men between the age of 60 and 70 and 70% between the age of 70 and 80 suffer from low testosterone levels in the body. This refers to testosterone that is unbound, free and bioavailable for use. Hypogonadism refers to a clinical condition in which low serum levels of testosterone is found to contribute to certain specific signs and symptoms.

Low testosterone levels refer to a condition in which bioavailable testosterone is less than 60 ng/dl. It can cause diminished sense of vitality, sex drive, depression, erectile dysfunction, reduced muscle mass, anemia, increased fat mass, bone density, osteoporosis, and frailty.

Men can suffer from hypogonadal at any age if the total testosterone in their body drops to less than 200 ng/dl. Elderly men with a total testosterone level less than 300 ng/dl and symptoms of hypogonadism should be started on hormone replacement therapy.

Hypogonadism occurring in older men is called Androgen Deficiency of the Aging Male (ADAM) or andropause. This is because the class of hormones is called androgens.

Depressed men experience significantly lower bioavailable testosterone levels. This is also because of a decrease in sexual function that causes mood swings, irritability, and depression.

Male HRT for Osteoporosis

12% men above the age of 50 suffer from osteoporosis related fractures. 25% hip fractures tend to take place in men with 33% of them dying within a year of the fracture. One of the leading causes of osteoporosis in elderly men is the gradual loss of testosterone.

Beneficial effects have been reported from testosterone therapy for increasing bone mineral density (BMD). Testosterone therapy has also been associated with increased lean body mass and decreased fat mass. It helps in improving overall physical performance and strength.

TRT or testosterone replacement therapy has improved the quality of life and relieved symptoms in men. TRT is a well-tolerated therapy that has been established as a safe and effective way of treating hypogonadal elderly males. However, it’s critical that clinical response and laboratory values are monitored frequently.

Benefits of Compounded Preparations

Testosterone is absorbed well from transdermal gels, creams, and lotions. These are a few benefits of compounded medications:

  • Exact hormone dosage can be ingested as a single dose
  • Scrotum doesn’t need to be shaved for applying more than one patch
  • Zero skin irritation because of patch adhesive

AIP provides advanced compounding pharmacy solutions, including online prescription refills to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and online nationwide.

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