Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Therapy Can Help Treat Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Therapy Can Help Treat Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Treatment with LDN

Traumatic brain injury or TBI can result in fatality or disability and is a serious public health concern affecting thousands of people each year. In the United States, around 1.7 million traumatic brain injury cases occur each year. Between 2.5 and 6.5 million people live with TBI related disabilities.

American Integrative Pharmacy (AIP), led by Dr. Neema Yazdanpanah, provides safe and proven compounding medications to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and online nationwide.

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury can occur because of a forceful and massive blow to the body or head. It disrupts the regular functioning of the brain. TBI usually occurs when something penetrates the skull to enter the brain tissue or the head suddenly hits something.

People surviving TBI may continue to suffer from its after effects, such as impaired memory, thinking, sensation, movement, and emotional functioning. Vehicular crashes, falls, combat injuries, sports injuries, explosions, and violence can cause TBI.

Traumatic brain injury requires immediate care for enhanced chances of recovery and survival. LDN or low dose naltrexone can help patients with TBI.

Understanding Low Dose Naltrexone

The FDA first approved naltrexone in 1984 for treating opioid addiction. It was later discovered that LDN had immune modulating and anti-inflammatory effects. Low dose naltrexone is a tenth of the regular dose of the drug. Until now there are no significant side effects reported for this drug.

It appears to be safe with zero abuse potential. It’s also cost effective since a very tiny amount is required for desired effects. Improvement in other diseases is also demonstrated as per the research pertaining to LDN.

Therapeutic Effects of LDN on Traumatic Brain Injury

Low dose naltrexone has anti-inflammatory and immune-regulating effects which can help the body react in a positive way towards TBI related inflammation and infections. The drug can prevent swelling of the affected brain and significantly control damage. In addition, LDN may also help towards relieving pain because of the trauma or injury contributing to a faster recovery.

LDN Can be Prepared by Compounding Pharmacies

Naltrexone in lower doses can be beneficial to patients that suffer from different medical conditions. The FDA has not yet approved the medication for off-label uses. The only way you can currently acquire low dose naltrexone is through a compounding pharmacy.

If you can’t take medications orally, there are several other options. For instance, the compounding pharmacist you choose could develop the LDN into eye drops, sublingual drops, tablets, topical lotions, creams, and even liquid form.

Benefits of LDN in Brain Injury Patients

One of the greatest benefits of low dose naltrexone is that it produces endorphins in the body. These are the feel-good hormones that are also secreted when you exercise. Your quality of life and mood greatly improves when your body produces endorphins in adequate amounts.

You would experience a decrease in symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression when you feel good. LDN can make you feel good as a whole. AIP provides advanced compounding pharmacy solutions, including online prescription refills to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and online nationwide.

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