Ketamine – Finding New Purposes for “Old” Drugs

Ketamine – Finding New Purposes for “Old” Drugs

Repurposing Ketamine: An “Old” Anesthesia Presents a New Treatment Option for Mood Disorders

Ketamine - Finding New Purposes for Old DrugsKetamine is an excellent example of a long-standing medication that is now being “repurposed” for a variety of different—and important—uses. First approved by the FDA in 1970, ketamine has a long and well-established history as an anesthetic, first being used as a field anesthetic during the Vietnam War; its ease of administration and ability to work quickly, safely, and effectively played a key role in helping injured soldiers survive until they could get to a field hospital. It is still used as a safe and effective anesthetic in some surgical situations, as well as in veterinary medicine.

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