How to Choose the Best Compounding Pharmacy?

How to Choose the Best Compounding Pharmacy?

How to Choose the Best Compounding Pharmacy | Lomita | Los AngelesChoosing a compounding pharmacy is as important as selecting a physician. While mass produced medications are created in an automated manner, the compounded medications involve a more complicated process. These require individual formulation and preparation by a compounding pharmacist.

The quality standards and expertise of different compounding pharmacies can significantly vary. American Integrative Pharmacy (AIP) is a cutting edge integrative pharmacy providing safe and advanced compounding solutions to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County and other Southern California locations. It also offers services such as online prescription refills for nationwide delivery.


Key Attributes of a Reliable Pharmacy

To choose the right compounding pharmacy, a patient or a physician should look for the following key attributes:


PCAB Accreditation

Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) lays down stringent standards and accredits only those pharmacies that comply with nationally recognized and accepted standards for compounding pharmacies. When a patient chooses PCAB accredited pharmacy, they can be more assured that they are receiving the compounded medications from a trusted source.

PCAB accreditation indicates that the pharmacy has followed the established protocols each time that a prescription is prepared. Fewer than 200 compounding pharmacies in the US have received the coveted PCAB accreditation till now.

Pharmacist Training

It is important to know about the kind of training that the pharmacists at a particular compounding pharmacy may have received. The pharmacists should ideally have received intense compounding training from a recognized institution or center of training.

Any good compounding formula can be perfected after extensive research, development and testing. The pharmacists should have the ability to perform critical thinking and overcome various hurdles that will come in the way of preparation of that formula. This is possible when the pharmacists are appropriately trained and have the necessary knowledge and experience in developing such unique compounded formulations.


Sourcing of Chemicals

To ensure the highest quality standards in compounding, the pharmacy should have access to the best quality and reliable sources for chemicals. The pharmacy should work only with reputable suppliers that are known to deliver pure, pharmacologically active ingredients.

The pharmacy should be able to provide the Certificate of Analysis (CofA) for every chemical they use to make compounded medications. Efficacy of medications will depend on the quality standards of the basic ingredients that a pharmacy is able to source. AIP receives patients from Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County and other Southern California areas.


Batch Testing

Batch testing of compounded prescriptions must be performed by the pharmacy to ensure complete safety and precision in each case. The batch testing may be conducted in-house or through an external testing agency. Batching minimizes the chances of error by putting the samples of compounded medications through a series of tests.

The purity and potency of the medications can be verified through this process, and the patients can receive safe and precisely customized medications that they need. The pharmacy should also be able to offer physician counseling to serve the individual needs of patients in a more personalized way.


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