Coronavirus Drug Hydroxychloroquine (Possible Treatment) – Available Soon From American Integrative Pharmacy

Coronavirus Drug Hydroxychloroquine (Possible Treatment) – Available Soon From American Integrative Pharmacy

Hydroxychloroquine Could Be a Possible Coronavirus Treatment

Coronavirus Drug Hydroxychloroquine Possible Treatment Available American Integrative PharmacyCoronavirus pandemic is one of the most serious and growing health threats in the US right now. Researchers are now indicating that hydroxychloroquine, a chemical compound used commonly to treat malaria, might work as a treatment for COVID-19 infection or Wuhan virus 

At present, there is a shortage of this drug (brand name: Plaquenil) in the United States, and it is possible that the country might need this drug in large quantities very soon to fight coronavirus related illness.  

AIP Gears Up to Produce and Supply Hydroxychloroquine to Coronavirus Patients 

American Integrative Pharmacy is ramping up its ingredient sourcing and production capacities to offer hydroxychloroquine compounded drug by prescription in large volumes from April, 2020. We have the expertise and the experience to formulate the medication in a safe and precise manner and help the nation fight this enormous health challenge posed by coronavirus pandemic.  

According to the team of in-house researchers and pharmacists at American Integrative Pharmacy, repurposing an established medication such as Plaquenil, which has been in use for over half a century, could be a swift and safe way to counter the growing dangers of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Large pharmaceutical companies as well as leading compounding pharmacies such as American Integrative Pharmacy already have a track record of repurposing and adapting established drugs to treat various illnesses.  

For instance, leprosy drugs were adapted to treat patients suffering from Lyme disease, which was another global pandemic brought under control with the introduction of the drug.  

Research Study Supports Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Coronavirus Infection  

The journal “Clinical Infectious Diseases” published a research study on March 9th, 2020, which showed that the drug hydroxychloroquine was effective in killing the corona virus COVID-19 in laboratory experiments. The study’s authors from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Wuhan) said: “We predict that the drug has a good potential to combat the disease.” 

Although federal health officials in the US are recommending caution until the clinical trials are completed, the drug has shown strong promise in the current situation. COVID-19 researchers and physicians have now taken the lab findings (in which the virus was eliminated) to the next step: Patient treatment.  

Encouraging Results in Patient Trials  

The first patient trial of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 has now been completed in France, and the early results are encouraging, even though they are yet unpublished.  

The researchers who conducted the trial have informed that 36 patients were enrolled in the trial, which included 16 infected control patients and 20 treated patients.  

The test group was administered a daily dose of 600 mg of Plaquenil. According to the study, at day three, 50 percent of the people in the treated group turned from positive to negative for corona virus infection. At day six, 70 percent had tested negative.  

Six of these 20 test patients were treated with a combination of Plaquenil and the antibiotic azithromycin. The researchers reported that these six patients did even better. Five out of six tested negative at day three, while all six tested negative at day six, showing 100 percent favorable results.  

The control patients, on the other hand, continued to remain sick for a longer period.   

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