Exploring AmlodipineAmlodipine belongs to a group of custom drug medications referred to as calcium channel blockers. It helps in improving blood flow by widening or opening the blood vessels. Amlodipine may help lower blood pressure. This decreases the patient’s risk for kidney problems, stroke, and heart attacks.

Doctors may also prescribe amlodipine for angina (chest pain). This medication may reduce angina in patients enabling them to exercise more often and for a longer duration with lesser instances of angina attacks. Amlodipine is helpful in preventing and decreasing angina, but it is not a treatment for angina attacks when they happen.

Patients who suffer from angina should consult their physicians before taking amlodipine. American Integrative Pharmacy (AIP), led by Dr. Neema Yazdanpanah, provides compounding medications to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and nationwide.

Before Taking the Medication

Prior to taking amlodipine, patients must inform their physician if they have liver disease or congestive heart failure.

Consuming alcohol may lower the blood pressure further and lead to an increase in specific side-effects of amlodipine.

The patient should continue to use amlodipine if they are being treated for high blood pressure, even if they are feeling well. High blood pressure is commonly asymptomatic. Patients may need to take blood pressure meds all their lives.

Amlodipine is only one element of a comprehensive program of treatment that includes weight control, exercise, diet, and other drugs. The patient should follow their medication, diet, and exercise regimen strictly.

The patient should inform the doctor about all blood pressure or heart medications that they are currently on.

The chest pain may worsen when patients initially start taking amlodipine, or the doctor increases the dosage. Patients must inform their physicians if the chest pain is serious or continuous.

Prior to taking this medication:

  • The patient should not take amlodipine if they are allergic to it.
  • To ensure that amlodipine is safe for them, the patient should inform the doctor if they have:
    • Liver disease
    • A heart valve condition known as aortic stenosis
    • It is not certain whether amlodipine can be harmful to an unborn baby. Patients should inform the doctor if they are pregnant or are planning a pregnancy.
    • Amlodipine can get into breast milk. However, its effects on the nursing infant are largely unknown. Patients should inform the physician if they are breastfeeding.
  • Amlodipine is not recommended for anyone less than six years of age.

How to Take Amlodipine?

Patients should take amlodipine exactly as the physician prescribes it. It is essential for patients to follow all directions on the prescription label. The doctor may vary the dosage at times to ensure best outcomes. Patients should use this medication only in the quantity prescribed by the doctor, not less or more.

Amlodipine can be taken with or without food. Patients should take the medication at the same time every day. The patient will require regular monitoring of their blood pressure. The chest pain may become worse when patients initially start taking the medication or if the doctor increases the dosage.

Patients must inform their doctor if the chest pain is serious or continuous. The righteous AIP receives patients from Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles, South Bay Orange County, Southern California areas, and nationwide for compounded medications.

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