Industrial Size Hand Sanitizer for Sale | California

Industrial Size Hand Sanitizer for Sale | California

American Integrative Pharmacy Fulfills Supply Requests For Ethyl Alcohol, Wipes, And Hand Sanitizer To Combat Coronavirus InfectionAmerican Integrative Pharmacy Fulfills Supply Requests Hand Sanitizer To Combat Coronavirus Infection.

Hand Sanitizer for Sale:

70% Isopropyl and glycerin hand sanitizer.
$87.50 for a one gallon container with pump.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increasing demand for hand sanitizers, wipes, and ethyl alcohol across the country. The traditional supply chains for these products are disrupted and most of the regular manufacturers are not in a position to scale up production. This has made these essential disinfectant products hard to come by.  

AIP Steps Up the Capacity to Produce Hand Sanitizers  

In order to help the community in this dire situation, American Integrative Pharmacy has decided to dedicate a part of its compounding pharmacy capacities and resources to the production of hand sanitizers, wipes, and ethyl alcohol.  

Hand sanitizers should have a high content of ethyl alcohol in order to be effective in eliminating the coronavirus infection. The pharmacists at AIP have the skills and experience to produce these alcohol-based sanitizer products in order to fulfill the needs of the communities in this hour of need. 

AIP has a dedicated compounding room that is being to use for the production of these items using the FDA guidelines. AIP’s chief Neema Yazdanpanah said, “We are grateful that are in a position to produce these critical products and make our contribution to combating the COVID-19 health crisis.”  

“We have been compounding medications and health products for years, and we have proven abilities to produce safe and effective hand sanitizers, wipes and ethyl alcohol products at a reasonable cost for the communities. We are sure that our compounded hand sanitizers will help medical professionals, first responders and the general public in boosting their preventive efforts against the coronavirus infection,” Yazdanpanah said. 


FDA Allows Licensed Pharmacists to Compound Sanitizers 

The US Food and Drug Administration on March 14th issued a statement allowing pharmacists with state licensed pharmacies, registered outsourcing facilities and federal facilities to engage in compounding of alcohol-based hand sanitizer products in the prevailing public health emergency situation. 

At AIP, we are following the FDA as well as WHO guidelines to add alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerol, and water in precise measures for the best quality compounded hand sanitizers. We are also labeling our bottles appropriately to make it easier for the consumers to utilize our products correctly.  

How to Use a Hand Sanitizer for Best Results? 

Anyone who wants to use a waterless hand sanitizer should ideally follow these four simple steps for best results:  

  1. Make sure that all visible organic matter (such as dirt) is removed from your hands before you apply a hand sanitizer. 
  1. Apply a dime sized quantity of the hand sanitizer directly to the palm of your hand, or use a hand sanitizer wipe.  
  1. Rub your hands together thoroughly so that all surfaces of your hands and fingers are covered. 
  1. Continue to rub until the hand sanitizer has been absorbed well. 


Benefits of Hand Sanitizers  

Hand sanitizers are most useful when you do not have ready access to soap and water in a particular situation, and you want to disinfect your hands. Whether you are traveling, touching a surface, or receiving a package, you could be at a risk of picking up germs.  

Applying a hand sanitizer properly will quickly kill the harmful micro-organisms on your hands. A quality sanitizer is not irritating to the skin (it is gentler than soap) and will not promote antimicrobial resistance. 

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