AIP to Make a Dapsone Formula to Treat Lyme Disease

AIP to Make a Dapsone Formula to Treat Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is currently the number one spreading infectious disease in the US Curative treatment is possible in up to 75 to 80 percent of cases, provided the treatment is received early. However, many patients never see a tick bite and go on to develop severe or chronic disabling manifestations.

There is a need for new and less expensive persister drugs to address chronic Lyme disease or Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome. Recent research has shown that Dapsone is a novel antibiotic for Lyme disease and associated co-infections. The American Integrative Pharmacy (AIP) is soon going to start producing a compounding pharmacy Dapsone formula for patients with Lyme disease.


Prevalence of Lyme Disease

Double blind studies in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have shown patients with chronic Lyme disease to be as sick as patients with chronic congestive heart failure. Many of these patients become disabled if they do not receive early treatment. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data reveals a significant increase in the number of Lyme cases in the country between 2005 and 2010.

The annual incidence of the disease during this period was about 329,000 cases. In 2015, the researchers at CDC once again revised their estimates upwards, showing a jump of 320 percent in Lyme disease cases over the past two decades. Birds are known to be the carriers of ticks, which spreads the infection across the US, partly accounting for the increase in numbers.

The National Science Foundation has identified Lyme disease as one of the emerging pandemic outbreaks that pose a threat to global public health and world economy. Finding active treatments is increasingly important. AIP is working on the basis of the results of a comprehensive study to come up with a pharmacy compounding solution to address Lyme disease.


Treatment with Dapsone

As part of a detailed study, one hundred patients (71 females and 29 males) completed a symptom severity survey prior to their treatment with Dapsone. The survey was repeated at least one month after treatment. The duration of the treatment ranged from one to four months.

Patients marked their symptoms from 0 indicating “none” to 4 indicating “severe” for a list of symptoms such as joint or muscle pain, fatigue, cognitive difficulties, and disturbed sleep. Results of the study demonstrated a significant improvement in clinical symptoms in all the patients.

Additionally, Dapsone, which is a drug with known anti-malarial effects, significantly helped resistant Babesia symptoms in this group. Lyme patients who also tested positive for Babesiosis demonstrated significant improvements in various symptoms, including disturbed sleep, forgetfulness, joint and muscle pain, day and night sweats, difficulty with speech or writing, and chills and flushing.

Lyme positive and Babesia negative patients demonstrated significant improvements in tiredness, fatigue, forgetfulness and joint or muscle pains. The pilot study could not conclusively determine whether it is Dapsone alone or Dapsone interacting with one or more anti-infective agents that led to significant clinical improvement of symptoms. However, the results of the study are indicative of a vital role that Dapsone can play in the treatment of Lyme disease.


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